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Angela Lavender

Mixed Media

Angela McQuaid

At the core of it all, making art makes me happy. I enjoy the exploration of it, the variety of mediums and the limitless possibilities. Art is an experience; like tasting sushi for the first time, or traveling to somewhere you have never been before. It is an adventure that with each step leaves me changed and gives me a sense of growth and accomplishment.

My art process is reflective of my nature and personality. I like the idea of planning, but often choose to go with the flow. Whether I am painting, drawing, sculpting or working with mixed media, my work develops naturally. Although I usually have a vague idea of what the end result will be, I tend to break the rules to avoid being bound by the constraints of my own guidelines. The direction in which I take my work relies heavily on my gut instinct as I get enveloped in the progression of what each piece is becoming.

Discovery is the key ingredient to all of my work, especially in the realm of mixed media. It provides me with an abundance of materials which allow me to hide or reveal whatever I feel necessary. I become fully engrossed in the process of carefully selecting each method and tool in order to help form the end result. It is a creative process that is unpredictable because it alters as the subject matter emerges.

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