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Bert Jenkins

Beechey Island Gravesites, North-West Passage

Bert Jenkins is a semi-retired chemical engineer living in Picton, Prince Edward County, with his wife Mary, two cats, a herd of veggie-eating deer and a bunch of Loyalist Parkway turkeys. He took his first photographs in 1959 with a Brownie 127, the 1950s equivalent of a point-and-shoot, and under guidance from a knowledgeable grandfather learnt to develop film and make contact prints. He has never stopped taking photographs since, albeit with slightly better equipment. At university in the sixties he developed a passion for hill-walking and rock-climbing. In the seventies and eighties he lived on the edge of the Lake District in NW England and worked almost exclusively in black-and-white, hiking and climbing in the Lake District, North Wales, Scotland, Norway and the Alps. Much early work can be found in coffee-table books of UK hill-walking and ice-climbing, some still in print. He has lived in Canada since 1985.

This year’s set comprises images from the North-West Passage, Greenland (and its incomparable Karrat Fjord), the Danube valley and one from a wintery Sandbanks. For more of his photographs try his Flickr stream at

Bert Jenkins

Bert Jenkins
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