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Daniel Vaughan

Daniel is a professional photographer and has had a camera of one sort or another in his hands for over four decades, shooting corporate, travel, portrait, street, wedding and landscape subjects. He focuses on the intimate aspects of his subjects, capturing them in everyday settings and moods to create impactful photo art. “I try to reflect the simple essence and beauty of a person, object or setting in nature or everyday life.”

He is also a professional graphic and website development designer and uses his digital skills to incorporate his photography into his design work.

Daniel has a held a diverse portfolio of roles during his years in the advertising, design and publishing industries, bringing his creativity to positions as a darkroom technician, typesetter, photographer, graphic artist, production manager, studio manager, copywriter and editor. He is also the lead photographer and Photo Editor for County & Quinte Living magazine here in Quinte Region.

Daniel is currently a principal at Vaughan Group, focusing on photographic services, web design, graphic design, music production and marketing/communications consulting to help companies grow their business: . Here is also a link to see a portfolio of some of Daniel’s recent photography:

With his brother David, they provide commercial photography services including photo editing and are running some fun and informative Digital Photography Workshops at The Baxter Arts Centre in Bloomfield, PEC.

For more information about Daniel’s work and services, he can be reached at: or by phone at: 613-503-2325

Daniel Vaughan
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