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Dianne Kehoe


‘Impression and Expression’ probably best describes my journey in drawing and painting.

Dianne Kehoe

I generally see, and seek out, the unique essence in things around me... the impression on me from people, nature, colour or happenings. Composition planning and a colour story are key, and then the joy that comes from the brushstroke on canvas!

Oils. Acrylics. Watercolours. They all have unique personalities… all continually challenging and delighting me. I work in all of these, and work in mixed media too.

I‘ve always done visual storytelling. It’s what I do best, I think. My profession and fulltime career, up until 2016, was as an art director and graphic designer, but I have always painted, sketched and drawn. I put image to canvas so that it is recorded, remembered by myself, and ideally, moves others.

I show, sell and share my work. Previously sold works were carried by The Harbour Gallery in Toronto, personal exhibits, and given as gifts to friends and family.

Now, I share them in Prince Edward County, as I make my home here and turn fulltime to my painting!

Find Me, and Follow me at:
Instagram: DianneCKehoe

Thank you!

Dianne Kehoe
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