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J. Douglas Thompson



J. Douglas Thompson has recently moved to Prince Edward County to set up his gallery/studio.

Doug paints in acrylic on canvas depicting the atmospheric effects of water, clouds, fog, or snow. Whether hiking along the north shore of Lake Superior, the west coast of Vancouver Island or the high country far above the tree line in the Rockies, the linear texture and atmospheric effects found in these areas have always attracted him.

From the regal heights of grand cumulus thunderheads to the low lying mists of early mornings on the coast, or rain forests found the world over, I find my passion in the moods presented to me in the natural world. 

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, at a young age he moved with his family to the eastern slopes of the Rockies, near Calgary, Alberta where he lived until he was a young teenager. His college years were spent in the Toronto area studying commercial art. He then studied and graduated from a four year advertising design course in the U.S.A. He has worked as a commercial artist/designer for approximately forty years, but now devotes his time to writing and painting.

Doug has traveled in over sixty-five countries, and has worked abroad in Europe and in South America. He spent three years in London, England and six years in Quito, Ecuador working in international media. He has shown his paintings at the National Museum of Ecuador and has done commission work for members of the government of Ecuador. His work is represented by several commercial galleries in Canada. His work is found in corporate and private collections.

A strong metaphorical current runs through the work depicting life as full of struggle and challenge and yet the light of hope kisses the darkness.

He paints in acrylic on canvas or on board. Thompson has been most influenced by the American painter, Eric Sloane, who was the true pioneer in the paintings of skies and what Sloane earlier coined the term "cloudscapes”.

"The purpose and role of the artist is to bring awareness to others, so that they stop and consider what possibly would have gone unnoticed,” Thompson insists. "There is only one Creator...the painter only recreates.”

"I cannot imagine a man looking at the sky and denying God” Abraham Lincoln

J. Douglas Thompson
Painter of Atmospheric Light
448 Wilson Road, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0

Phone: 613-399-3857

 Gallery Hours: May-November daily 1-5 p.m. by chance or appointment


J. Douglas Thompson
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