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Clayshapes Pottery by Leslie Fruman

In 2010 when I was taking a short break from a hectic 30-year career as a journalist television producer, I signed up for a pottery class at a local museum. A few weeks later I was so smitten that I bought a used kiln on Craigslist, cleared a spot in my home for a studio...and haven't looked back since. By 2012 I began working with clay full time. I sell it online and at many juried craft shows year round including the Prince Edward County Studio Tour in fall, and the One of a Kind Christmas show in Toronto.

I split my time working from my studios in Toronto in the winter and a new studio in Prince Edward County in spring, summer and fall, where my husband and I have had a home since 1997.

My ceramic art is defined by the decorative surfaces I create at my work table. After rolling out a slab of porcelain or stoneware clay, I make a shape I like, and then decorate it with a textured "painting". I often impress combinations of textures into soft clay - leaves, wood block stamps, lace, seashells, found objects - creating a story by mixing and arranging the textures into an interesting and pleasing tableau.

Once the piece is fired, I hand paint it with several different kinds and colors of glaze, using different brushes in various sizes - filling in the details and washing the background in color. Each piece is truly a one of a kind, artful expression, on a durable, functional surface.

You can see my work on my website at, where I also have a blog.

Leslie Fruman
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