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Paul Ross

Phone 613-393-1795

Let me introduce myself by telling you that I am an accomplished woodturner with over thirty years in the craft. When I first began to turn wood I was somewhat self-taught and involved in mostly what comes first; bowls and a bit of spindle work.

As time went on I felt the need to improve my skills for technique as well as design so I could branch out into the more specialized form of hollow turning. That led me to search out an apprenticeship with a teacher/master turner whom I met in 1981. I initially took a two-day course on woodturning and this lit the fire.

I began to do a fair bit of production wood turning for a few small shops in Ontario. This honed my technical skills as well as helped me grow in awareness of design. I spent some time with Dennis Stewart, a world-renowned wood turner himself. This sparked my interest for hollow turning in a way that I began to look at wood turning not only as a functional craft, but also as a way of using various woods to enhance each other.

I began to teach woodturning in 1988. Teaching has enabled me to strengthen my technical skills. Practice has allowed me to learn and develop the design on the pieces I now turn. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to work at something I truly enjoy as well as being able to always learn and grow.

Recent Exhibitions:

  • Maker's Hand – Picton, Ontario
  • One-of-a-Kind, Toronto
Paul Ross
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