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Susan Straiton

Art has been a way of life for Susan Straiton since her childhood. Among her first memories are day-trips sketching with her family and the encouragement of talented art teachers. Both nurtured an intense love of painting in her and she enrolled in the Faculty of Creative Art at Sheridan College from which she graduated in 1972. Upon completing her diploma, she established her first studio in downtown Oakville and worked part-time in galleries.

She moved to Muskoka in 1974 where she painted and worked in related fields (e.g. took on commissions and illustration work). In 1982, she relocated to Lake Louise, Alberta, where she devoted herself solely to painting. Two years later, she returned to Ontario and settled in “The County” where she is still hard at work.

Susan works primarily in oils and occasionally in pastels, pen and ink, and graphite. Her evocative images explore the recurring patterns and harmony between objects in the natural world. The accuracy of her use of colour precisely captures the environment she loves. Her work translates the effects of light on surfaces, how it reflects, shimmers and alters colour. Her ability to convey perspective and depth, as well as movement, creates a world one can walk into and be enveloped by, an atmosphere where one can feel the wind and hear the waves. 


Susan Straiton
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